Corporal Sarah Louise Bryant (née Feely)

(17 December 1981 – 17 June 2008), of the British Army's Intelligence Corps.


Corporal Sarah Bryant of the Intelligence Corps was a member of 15 (United Kingdom) Psychological Operations Group based in Chicksands Bedfordshire.

She deployed to Afghanistan on 15 March 2008 with the Psychological Operations Effects Team in support of the Helmand Task Force, serving with the Headquarters of 16 Air Assault Brigade as the Target Audience Analyst.

Corporal Bryant died whilst taking part in an operation east of Lashkar Gah when the Land Rover SNATCH 2 vehicle in which she and four other soldiers were travelling in received the blast of an improvised explosive device.  All but one of the occupants of the vehicle died.

Sarah was the first British servicewoman killed in Afghanistan.

Utterly professional, Sarah was tenacious and reliable. She was an excellent operator able to turn her hand to any task. Highly competent at both combat Intelligence and Security, she was at ease with her peers and officers alike and was held in high regard. Her professionalism, exceptional trade knowledge and confidence ensured effective liaison with other units, especially on security inspections and investigations.

Everyone she encountered noted her as a friendly, reliable and professional soldier. She had been marked out for potential commissioning but indicated that she wanted to go through the ranks. Her clear potential was highlighted by the fact that she had been pre-selected for promotion to Sergeant on her first look. This is testament to her determination and dedication to the Intelligence Corps, and to life in general.