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We have agreed to hold a Social Reunion this year to make it a fun gathering

 and a chance for friends and comrades to meet up.

Option 1

 During the Bank Holiday Weekend Saturday/Sunday 24/25 August 2019.

This coincides with the 2019 Great Dorset Steam Fair.

There are many attractions at the Fair which people should enjoy.

 Members can book tickets in advance should this option be confirmed.

  Visit :   website for more details.

  There will be a dinner and social on the Saturday evening.

Option 2

Saturday/Sunday 12/13 October 2019

There are a number of attractions in and around Christchurch that members can visit during the day ahead of the social and dinner on the Saturday evening.

 The proposed venue is Near Christchurch, Dorset:      Tyrrells Ford Country Inn & Hotel

The option which gains the most returns and is endorsed by members will be confirmed and

details promoting the event with costs including booking and payment information

will then be disseminated through the website.

Members are requested to send an attendance return by email to:

 Charlie McKay or

Ensure you respond stating your preference.

No later than 10 June 2019 please.


When confirmed all details will be sent out on a flyer through the website.


Tim Heale is our Membership Secretary for Remembrance Parade and Festival of Remembrance 2019.

Please contact him directly if you want a place.

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